Effortless on-demand staging environments in your cloud

Get automatic preview URLs for each PR

Ship faster with improved collaboration & testing

Save costs with automated hibernation & termination

Runs in your own AWS cloud

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curl -L app.cohesive.so/install | bash && cohesive setup
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Trusted by
teams like yours

“We get much faster feedback from product and design, which allows engineers to get unblocked and allows us to iterate faster."

“We don't waste time with things like setting up grok tunnels or having meetings just to get feedback since people can just go into the Cohesive environment and try it out themselves.”

– Kevin Simons, CTO
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Kevin Simons

Features that
keep you ahead

Make developer experience your competitive advantage


Replicate your production environment within minutes!

With Stacks, easily launch and manage staging environments with multiple inter-dependent services that replicate complex production-like architectures.

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Deployment configuration

One time configuration

With our powerful and easy to use configuration builder, setup your app once and we'll handle it from there!

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PR automation

Comment URL in GitHub

Find preview URL of the newly launched environment right there in your PR. Yeah, it's that simple.

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Deploy on code push

While you focus on the code, Cohesive will make sure your environments are always up-to-date.

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Great DX without the extra cost

Powerful automations to hibernate and terminate environments to save you those $$$

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No limits on your choice of tech

We speak your language! From Javascript to Python to PHP - you name it and we support it!

Benefit from a wide range of services like MySQL, Redis, S3, etc. supported right out of the box!


Run securely in your own AWS cloud

Your data and code never leaves your cloud. Cohesive runs everything in your AWS cloud so that you get maximum control and visibility over your infrastructure.

Free to start,
pay as you go

We offer a fully managed version which takes away woos of handling infrastructure
as well as a self-hosted version where your data stays in your control.


Great for teams just getting started. No credit card required.

Deploy in your own AWS cloud

Unlimited developers

Unlimited projects

Sharable preview URLs

Automated environments

Community support on Slack


Get started - it's free


Suitable for growing teams managing multiple complex microservices

All the free features

Pay as you go

Priority support

Get access to Stacks

With Stacks, easily launch and manage staging environments with multiple inter-dependent services that replicate complex production-like architectures.


per user / month, billed annually

$59 billed monthly

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Does not include your AWS costs

Secure by
design, always

Our battle-tested solution is designed to be robust & secure. Your data & applications are sealed behind protective wall & only your team members can access them with valid keys.


Completely secure

All environments are completely secure and can only be accessed by your team.


Available all the time

We assure high time availability of all of your environments.


Fully isolated

Each environment gets its own resources like databases, cache, object store, etc.

Happier teams,
better outcomes

Unleash your team’s productivity
and drive business results with Cohesive

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